• If you went down to the South Atlantic and then flew under South Africa to the Indian Ocean, then under Australia to the Pacific Ocean, then under Chile / Argentina, you'd be back where you started without going over any land mass. If you kept on going along the 60th degree latitude south of the equator, I don't think you'd encounter land.
  • You will trigger a glitch... Eventually all of San Andreas will get covered in gang territories even the Badlands (heh, heh, imagine: hillbilly Ballas, hahaha!). But there's a catch... Only gang cars such as Tornado, Greenwood, Savanna, Majestic and Voodoo will spawn on the streets. There will be a lack of variation in the car department. It'll get really boring then. I, myself have never done this in fear of the glitch. Read this if you need more info.

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