• Taste like bait.
  • okay, I'll take a stab at it... Salty and fishy, overall... ;-)
  • Eeeeeewww!!
  • Some people love it whilst some loathe it. I personally like it. Actually I love (Only the vegatarian stuff for me) but it's all good. If you go to a sushi train, there's so much variety....not all sushi tastes the same but very different. You should go ahead and taste it. You don't know until you try! =]
  • Uncooked, rather chewy fish? : ))
  • It's really hard to describe, it's a very distinct flavor, and it varies depending on what kind you get. For your first time you may want to try something cooked, like a crab roll or a veggie roll. My personal favorite is a philadelphia roll, cream cheese, alvacado and salmon.
  • Like it needs to be cooked. Probably like mercury since blue fin tuna contains the highest mercury content of any fish. Read article:
  • its really rather nice, the overall taste is most likely the seaweed, which is really just salty in taste, and then of course you just have to add the soy sauce, thats a main part of the flavour, ( again salty) and the ginger is great, gives a crisp tangy bite, as well, the wasabe, phew, hot, hot, hot, ( but they are accompaniments, you dont have to have them) there are many different types of sushi, I like the chicken ones the best, with a bit of avocado in them,
  • Well, the rolls' taste depend on what's in them, but as far as the fish goes (which I bet is what concerns you most :P), most is actually really tasty, but the eel is kinda gross cause it's sorta rubbery. However, none of it actually tastes "fishy" at all, and whatever condiments (soy sauce, pickled ginger, or wasabi) add some nice flavour. I recommend salmon or yellowtail as far as the fish goes, and the California roll is pretty popular.
  • I have never had sushi either but I would love to try it. I have never heard anything that bad about it either. People all tell me it's really good.
  • If you get the right fish, it just melts in your mouth. I get a taste for it once or twice a year. I prefer the handrolls because the rice is very good.

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