• You need to put the light in front of your face instead of behind your head. That way we might be able to see what you look like
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Ok,I will upload another picture,than you can decide.
  • Sounds like someone has self-esteem issues.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Lol,as long as the voices are wrong,I'm good!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You might be listening to the wrong voices.
  • cant see the picture to be able to tell
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I have a new picture up here now,Ms. Pearl. What do you think?
    • pearllederman
      you look like a girl
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Thank you! :)
  • If that is you in the middle of the picture behind your question then, no you don't. You look more like a very friendly dog.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I really did lol. Thank you!! :)
  • Your picture shown is a women. I didn't see anything else.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Thank you. You are sweet. :)
  • No,you look like a nice young lady.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Oh,thank you! :)
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Lol,well,I am not a man,thank you! Thank you for your honesty. :)
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      By the way,you are a pig!

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