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  • It depends a bit on how you think she perceives you. If it's as one of the crowd, good company, you have to be cautious so as not to change tack too suddenly and frighten her off. Probably easiest to take her out in a group but something that you know both of you enjoy and then subtly make sure she spends a major part of the time with you. After that, try something for just you and her but still not too heavy going and progress on from there. My cousin married a guy who had part of her crowd for years but who she never took any particular notice of. Then he decided to leave town and had a farewell party and she realised how much she liked him. Within two weeks she had followed him to a new state and a new life.
  • This must be the question you wanted me to answer. Ask her to the beach. That's the best kind of date!!! Try to find a quiet beach if possible. If you extend the date into the night, the beach is by far the most romantic place you could take her (my opinion). Nine years is a long time to carry a torch for someone. She must be really terrific! Good Luck!!! :D
  • Mothers tend to be very observant and I'm sure this girl's mother already knew about your feelings. (It may be that hungry look in your eyes.) Her mother may be aware of your intentions. Don't forget that mothers were once girls themselves.

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