• According to the Catholic Church, the only valid marriages are marriages within the Catholic Church. You are not married, so you are free to marry in the Catholic Church. If you had been married in the Catholic Church,you would have had to seek an annullment, which costs about $50,000.00. Somehow this ceremony or declaration magically erases your previous marriage so that you can be married (again) in the Church. Persoally I find that a bit humorous. As far as I know, there are no cut-rate or free annulments available. To be fair, an annulment is not necessary if one spouse was unfaithful, in which case the marriage is invalidated.
  • The truth is that you ARE in fact married. If you were Pentecostal at the time of your marriage and had an acceptable Pentecostal wedding, then the Catholic Church cannot declare your marriage invalid. You are only required to get married in the Catholic Church if you are Catholic, then automatically any marriage you have outside of the Catholic church is automatically invalid due to it not taking Catholic form. Since you are in fact married, you MUST get an anullment to be married in the Catholic church. This is not always an easy thing to do, and you must speak to a priest to find out whether you would qualify for an anulment. Often it can be done if there was something known to one party to the marriage but not the other, for example one party knew they could not have children but the other didn't know until after the wedding, or one party was an alcoholic and the other party didn't know, or you never actually loved your spouse, or had any intention of being faithful. Adultery is not an automatic ticket out! The church actually believes that you should work through the problem and not leave an adulterous spouse, unless it can be proven that from the day of the wedding the spouse had no intention of remaining faithful. I'm not sure about the cost, but I think that simpler ones are cheaper. There has to be an investigation into the whole affair and then there will be a ruling about whether the marriage was in fact invalid, in more liberal diocese it is easier however, if you live in a very conservative one it may be harder to convince the tribunal. Bottom line, speak to a priest. Hope that helps!
  • There is nothing the Catholic Church wants, however it will expect your fianc

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