• i have heard a story like this before on a radio ohone in. The owner actually had the snake sleep in bed with it at night, and it was displaying the exact same behaviour you have mentioned. Lying straight out on her bed instead of curling up beside her. And the vet answering calls on the phone in, said the same thing, that he was sizing her up and preparing to eat her. I don't know anything personally about snake behaviour, but just thought i would share this story with you.
  • i have heard the exact same story. and i think its true that it is preparing to eat her/him
  • No it isn't. Check out Snopes. Snakes don't measure their prey. If they did, they'd starve to death!
  • I think the snake is getting ready to eat the owner has it been lying sprawled out near the person in question if so isolate it at once or it may try to swallow your friend if he has prior experience then have faith in his judgement but do offer advise
  • urban legend...

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