• Maybe she's upset that you're moving and lashed out that way. Go talk to her. She's your sister, I wouldn't want to leave things that way either. Tell her you love her, no matter what! :)
  • My sister was making really bad choices and I told her she was dead to me because she has caused everyone so much trouble, chaos, and heart break. I don't really feel this way, but it was the only thing that opened her eyes to how bad she had gotten. I don't regret saying it since it helped her, but I also didn't mean it to that extreme, but that is what it took. You should tell her that you are sorry she is upset with you and when she feels like talking your door is always open(literally or not) It puts the ball in her court to realize you are being the bigger person and not cohersing her behavior.
  • Speak to her tell her that no grudge or argument no matter how conflicted or hard to solve will get on the way of the sister relationship. Both of you should try solving the conflict.
  • I lost a couple years with my sister over stupid stuff, dont let it happen to you! Just sit down and calmly talk to her, you are sisters and that is more important then whatever you are fighting about.
  • one idea; write a letter to your sister, tell her how you feel about leaving and your feelings for her. this would serve in two ways, it would help you to put your feelings on paper kind of a goodbye and it would help your sister to hold onto something when you're not there and she will maybe treasure it. hope all goes well in your move! good luck with your sister.

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