• When my dog was being sick, i got told off a dog breeder to give him a little bit of a digestive bisctuit so that will put a lining on his stomach and then he should be able to eat properly without being sick. You could give it a go, its worth a try to see if it works for your dog, it worked with mine.
  • as long as you are getting water down him, rest assured, he will be okay
  • Some people, like my father, are allergic to most antibiotics....or are allergic to some specific antibiotics. Maybe that's also the case with animals. Take her to the Vet and tell them about the problem. I hope she gets well soon. Good Luck.
  • Since you say the vet has already seen the dog, I'm sure they will be glad to answer any questions you have about her continuing care. That's what you paid for, after all, get your money's worth, give them a call. Dogs, like humans can go several days on a water only diet.
  • Dogs can do without food for a couple days, they can not do without water. If your dog is drinking but also still vomiting it may be dehydrating. Dogs eyes can sink a bit into their head due to dehydration, that makes the 3rd eyelids show more. Pick up a skinfold at the dogs side if it takes longer than a second to smooth over your dog can be dehydrated, sticky gum are also a sign of that. Contact your vet.
  • Katie and I thank you. Of course After my panicked call to her vet she started drinking again and even took her meds and ate a little boiled chicken. Her third eylids are showing but she seems so much better today.

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