• sure but it's not just the no points but the lack of feedback or acknowlegement to my answers
  • No, I stop answering certain users' questions for entirely different reasons.
  • Hey sm00z. Must be a new crowd in AB. I'm seeing a lot of questions that I feel are good go unanswered, like this one was. Anywho, If i scan down and see that the person that has asked the question is not giving points to anyone, I will usually pass it by, unless it is a really good question. Hope you have a good day;~)
  • I've often wondered why ABers get upset over no points or no acknowledgments. I guess I am having a difficult time seeing it as a huge deal. Obviously, most questioner is going to read your answers and some answers do not require a comment or it's just a duplicate of another poster or it's so brief that you do not feel the need to say anything. I recently had an answerer who brought it to my attention that I didn't give him any points. From that point, I felt I "had" to give the points, which really is no big deal to me (it's not like I can cash these points in), but I didn't feel that his answer was worthy of points. And some I just over-look. Should you type in "thank you" or "you're welcome" even though it may not be sincere for the sake of not pissing anyone off here?
  • If a user has a pattern of not giving me points I will skip them. This is not selfish because of this reason. If you check all of mty questions, whenever I see an answer I give it points because they took time to answer my questions. i also give points to the questions I answer because if I answer them then they really get points because I took the time tio answer. If I do this for every person unless I miss it by mistake, I would like the favor to be returned out of courtesy.
  • No. My answers give me some self satisfaction. I never look for points.
  • I actually don't pay attention to points awarded..what I do pay attention to is lack of acknowledgement. I think those who do not take the time to thank someone who takes the time to answer a question are rude. After a certain amount of times being ignored (and if I am awarded points by this person I shall never know because you can't know..everyone has access and can put in his/her two cents' worth), I stop answering. I'm not fond of people who are impolite..yes, taking the time to thank someone takes time away from scoring more what? :)
  • Im not fussed about the points anymore i used to be but not now, i have answered many questions where none of the answerers got points or any acknowledgement its just how some people are i dodnt think they realise they cant use their points for anything if they hoard them or not, there is however a high ranked aber who's questions i never answer simply because they are very critical of people's questions and others answers which annoys me!
  • I really don't care about the points. I'm on AB for fun and to connect with people I find interesting. Anything beyond that is a bonus!
  • Man, if I had time to keep track of who gave me points and who didn't I'd be in quite the pickle.
  • I never pay attention to that. I answer the question because I like it, and it attracts me in some way. I don't know why people would be greedy with points though... it's not like real currency! LOL
  • It seldom happens. If friends I will do my very best to provide better answers in future but I would never stop answering or rating their questions. If from users that are not friends I don't mind it but I will avoid their questions in future especially if the points are accompanied by some dry or acid comment. I have decided that for non friends fact related answers with a link are the best. Opinion related answers are only for friends. There are some very nice new users, they can usually rate +1 and they apologize for it, when I see one of these cases I give them a hand and help with my +4 for the best answers and I also do answer their questions. Being new is not fun and they need help. Cheers.
  • i prefer comments. many times i'll get comments and no points and i don't really mind.
  • Yes, and I can think of a few users who fit this description.
  • I won't say the points don't matter but I don't let it effect my willingness to answer.
  • I think the point thing is stupid, just my opinion though. It's like a game I suppose.
  • I don't really notice how many points anyone gives me. And I probably wouldn't be able to keep track of who gave me what anyway! lol

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