• I don't really know however, based on findings of fact, most college graduates earn more than a non-college graduate; of course depending on their chosen profession. So maybe the parents did not earn a degree, just my thoughts and no I don't find this humorous... :-)
  • hi, sara, babieeeeeeeeeeeee .... because they are ambitious .... that feeling subsides quickly when they receive their first job with average or below average pay ... Lolzz
  • There could be so many reasons, but the first that come to mind are that they still don't understand the value of money, ambition and lack of life experience. I don't think it is funny it can be very painful for them when they find out that life is not that easy. I don't really like Bill Gates, I went to one of his conferences and did not like what he said and the examples he gave the high school kids. Cheers.
  • Also because of society deciding that everyone should be a 'winner' thus every child gets a trophy at T-ball and in competitive sports and at parties and in their life growing up. Never told NO they cannot have everything they want, never teaching them that the things they do have have been earned by hard work by their parents. They step out into the world and expect it to be like when they lived with their parents and that the world will coddle them also. It was a sad day when parents decided to wrap their kids in cotton and protect them from the realities of life and competing in the world.
  • Because they feel they're smarter than their parents, some of whom have had the same job for years, and worked through the ranks to get where they are. Many kids feel they "deserve" more money because they haven't lived any REAL life, yet, but have gone to school, and learned more than what their parents did. Even so, REAL life is harder than school life. Whether you know more than your parents or not, remember that they started low on the totum pole, too. Just like MOST of the world have. You'll get there, and probably quicker than they, but it WILL take some time.

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