• They use a cheat sheet called the racing form. It is like a newspaper, with all the information on it for each race. I may be outdated on this one. It's probably all on computer now. I haven't been to a race track since my Grandpa died 40 years ago.
  • I am a Horse Racing Commentator. I have a rubber stamp of the outline of a jockey and color it in the silks of the jockey. Next to that I put the horses name, the name of the jockey and to the right any other relevant info. I try to get about one third of them memorized before racing,the other two thirds between races. Some come easier, some are more difficult. For HArness Racing (Trotting) I use the saddle pad colors and draw in the primary and secondary colors of the drivers silks. I also use things like nosebands, headgear, color of horse, a white blaze on the horse,. etc, to help identify! IMO, most commentators do not do enough homework. I learned my system from the late Raleigh Gilbert, who was something of a mentor to me when I was growing up going around the country practicing at racecourses at the weekend. I now announce in America. Any more questions, email me

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