• In a way it seems like a good idea because there are way to many school shootings these days! But then again, it seems like a very bad idea becuase there are way to many crazy teachers out there these days!
  • School is not the place for guns...but then, schools seem to have become scary places these days. :-(
  • Colleges should allow their students to carry their firearms if they have the needed licenses, it's that simple. primary-high school teachers should be allowed to carry firearms with the needed permits. It would stop many-a-school shooting if the punks thought ol miss Roberts was packing chrome.
  • i would think that any one carrying guns in school should be officers and security gaurds. in no way should a teacher or student cary a firearm
  • I wonder if this will lead to a Movie Series like Battle Royal? If teachers start packing heat then the kids will too... teachers are supposed to lead by positive example in order to socialize our youth.
  • I dont think it is a good idea, in any way, too many bad things can come from this. A student taking the gun, a teacher having a bad day and a student pisses them off. You cant stop school shootings, by adding guns. To me it is just like taking a gun into a church, it is not the place for it.
  • I have a MAJOR problem with this suggestion. First, the teachers will never be properly trained in the handling and use of a firearem. Second, the weapons being taken away from teachers and used against them or other students. Three, firing a weapon in a classroom? a bullit can pass from one person into three or four more, at close range. a classroom is close range. Four, just the availibility of weapons being worn by teachers is frightening. its too conveniet for accidental discharges and hurt students. Armed teachers? Bad idea.
  • long as there's no bullets in them. One of the most ridiculous ideas I've heard in a long time.
  • Should a shop teacher be allowed to have a hammer? He could use that hammer to hit a student inflicting the same amount of death as a gun.
  • I just realized a grammatical error in my question. It should be: What do you think about properly licensed teachers being allowed to carry a gun to school as opposed to allowing students to?

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