• What time of day does this occur?
  • Is this when you encounter your husband?
  • What is happeneing at that time of day Idne? It sounds like a tension headache. Look closely at your daily activities and whatever happens at that time of day may be the culprit. You may be feeling overwhelmed by an activity or the anticipation of an activity. For me, it was expecting my husband home from work and the battle that always followed. I would be sick by the time he came in the door. It took me years to understand what was happening. EDIT: My mom just reminded me that she had headaches like these and they were from low blood sugar. She would forget to eat and about that time of day she would begin to suffer headaches and muscle tension like you described.
  • Are you doing the same activity at the same time every day? How long has this been happening? Do you normally suffer from any allergies? Is there any new stress going on in your life right now? Any major changes in your daily routine? There could be more than one factor here.
  • It could be tired time for you, it could be that that's the time when your boss shows up at the office or Overperfumed Lady clocks in on the other side of the office... Maybe something you're eating, maybe last straw for the day in terms of computer-related eye strain? Try varying and seeing what happens.
  • I hope you don't consider me a quack, but what has worked for me and a few people I've recommended this to is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. It's a method of tapping on the body in a certain pattern while saying a specific sentence for what ails you and it really does make things better. It's good for pain, phobias, weight loss, well, all sorts of things. You can learn how to do it by downloading a freed manual at the main website. I've uploaded a video that shows a bit how to do it for migraines. The website that has the manual and great other info about it is I know it looks weird and at first it feels weird, but I guess I have learned that that doesn't matter to me as much as getting rid of the problem. I've even used it on animals and surrogate work, too.
  • Many possibilities...Does it occur 7 days a wk? - could be allergic response, could be hormonal - could be some of the others mentioned here already like emotional or tension-related. And the real kicker is that it could be a combination of two or more.
  • I think this is mostly tension and your situation is making it worse. Are you taking any meds now?? When I was going through my divorce I had a really bad headache everyday and was very similar to what you are describing. Once my divorce was over no more headaches. Also, how long are you in front of the computer? That sometimes gives me a tension headache. I hope you feel better soon sweety. {{{hugs}}} :)
  • Do you stay hydrated throughout the morning? Dehydration can take hours to peak into a headache. The post-lunch blood sugar slump could also be aggravating some condition like a pinched nerve in your neck. Especially if it's aggravated by constricted blood vessels from caffeine consumption or some other food trigger at lunchtime. Keep a food journal, stay hydrated with water, and avoid caffeine to see if that helps.
  • I had severe headaches daily for over 6 weeks which intereferred with my vision and concentration. They got worse as the day went on and it even hurt to lay my head on my pillow. The pain was terrible in my forehead, across my face and especially in the back of my head and neck. I went to the ER twice and had 3 doctor's office visits. Each time they prescribed a new medicine, but none brought any relief. They were going to begin injections to treat me for cluster migraines. I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment on my back and told him about my headaches. He adjusted my jaw and realigned my neck...and presto...the headache instantly went away and did not come back for 2 years. When it happened again, within a day, I went back to the chiropractor for relief. I can't believe I suffered for 6 weeks before FINALLY finding the answer. The prescriptions did NOTHING! Good luck! You might want to try this route.
  • The symptoms that you are describing sound like a tension headache. I would begin by keeping a headache diary including the foods that you are eating before, what you are doing when the headaches occur, what improves and worsens the headaches, the qualities of the headache and how long they last. I would then take this information to your health care provider and together you should be able to find a solution to your headaches.
  • You may want to read the short article I wrote about his as it might help you. Thanks

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