• I can't tell you anything. What i will say is if you believe that Be careful. I don't want you to get your feelings hurt. You both are still a bit young
  • All I can tell you is I've been there. You and I are different people the boys aren't the sameeither but I wish I would've listened. I am 28 now and in my 2nd marraige. I'm not saying it won't work out, I just really agree with Ninja Jenna...BE CAREFUL I wound up with two kids who are now part of a disfunctional family. Everyone of us lost out because I wouldn't listen to reason and wait a few more years to make sure it was what we both wanted.
  • I went to three weddings one summer for friends who were married all under the age of 21. Within 2 years all three of these marriages were over. I say go out into the world, see what it has to offer and have some fun during your twenties and then consider marriage.
  • Not bad, just young and inexperienced, that's all. What would be 'bad' would be to do all these things more out of a desire to prove the parents wrong than because you really wanted to when the time comes.
  • Many people who marry young remain married and don't get divorced. But, then again, many divorce very quickly. Basically, it will probably be great or it will be a disaster.
  • I must be getting old.... No, not a good idea. Take your time, educate yourself (college is not for everyone), see the world, discover who you are, then consider making that life long commitment.
  • As someone who did things out of order I want to let you know that it isn't a good idea. Things are done in a certain order because they work. Graduate, go to college, get married/get a good job, get a house, have children. You have a lot of life, don't be in a hurry to get done today what should be put off. You can love your boyfriend without a ring.
  • You are both so very young. Please take the time to find out who you are before you become someones wife. If you both really do love each other, then love each other enough to wait until you are older to live together and get married. If it's meant to be, then he will still be there.
  • as long as youre 18 you can do whatever you want but i would wait till youre 18 to get married since youre underage, this way you wont need your parents permission
  • All teenagers think its The One when their testosterone and hormones are racing through their veins. Teens who marry get divorced before they reach their 10th anniversary.

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