• Click on this website to get a new birth certificate: You will choose your state of residence, and that's that. My birth certificate was so old and tattered, I went and got a new one when I was a teen. Wasn't a problem, and went by myself (didn't need parents).
  • Since you are 18 you should be able to obtain a legal copy from the state you were born in. Just call or go to the Town Hall or something like that.
  • Let your mom keep the original and get a new copy for yourself. That little piece of paper is so important to us parents.
  • legally she does not have to give up the documentation of your birth that is honestly your parents document. However you can obtain a copy for your own records and you should. Having a copy keeps the original safe. The last I heard you can buy this for 20 dollars and takes about two weeks to arrive.
  • I'll be honest with you, your birth certificate is not necessary to take with you to college. If you are living in a dorm more than likely you'll have a roommate so space is limited. Dorm rooms are not the most secure place either, and many things get stolen every year. I've been to college and law school, and I never once needed my birth certificate for anything. I think (speaking as a mom of four now) that she is looking at your personal security. What if there is a thief or a criminal-in-the-making that steals your birth certificate? They can apply for a drivers license, marriage license, etc and you'll be spending the next 10 years trying to dig yourself out of an identity theft problem. I know that 18 and off to college is a big step and you want to feel like an adult, but maybe this is one of those things where mom is right. Good luck in college!
  • Perhaps there is something on the birth certificate that she doesn't want you to see. Maybe your "daddy" is someone else... Hmmm... Go and get a duplicate one from the records bureau, I agree with Sinster Cadre.
  • you have the right to have all you legal documents if you mom refuse to do that go to legal aid is free or you can go to you local church they have attorney's for free.sometimes paralegal's too i hop this answer you e-mail is
  • Yeah it's your right.
  • Either ask her for it again or go and get a copy from the state or county. That way you don't have to continue to argue with her. And yes you should have a copy for your records. While at college get a safety deposit box at the bank and put all major documents in it. No matter what happens with your dorm room, apartment or ? arrangements they won't go missing.
  • seriously, why do you have to write so much. you could've just said "i'm insecure and my mom acts like a dominatrix" is this really about the birth certificate, or are there deeper issues. also, you shouldnt lie about your age, clearly that's illegal
  • I question why your mom doesnt want you to have your birth certificate. Is there something on there she doesnt want you to see? You are of age. You can go to the court house and request a copy as long as you show identification, but there is a small fee.
  • if your going away to college i wouldn't take it at all not even your social security card . its much safer that way.
  • As you are 18 years of age you can apply for a duplicate copy of your birth certificate. If your bith was registered in the UK or Ireland you can order a copy online here:-
  • Go to the county in which the hospital you were born is located. The County clerk there can get the Birth Certificate usually at a minimal fee, it is yours and you are entitled to have this certificate.
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