• Can you live with that forever, for the rest of your life? If so then having your kids walking all over you (which is the first thought that comes to my mind) is great for you. I personally can not think of anything I want on my bod for years, and years, and years blurring and fading, and then turning into God only knows what as my skin gets wrinkly and gravity pulls it downward. But hey, I ain't you lol ;-)
  • That sounds like the coolest tat idea ever! Good luck if you do it. I hope it brings you joy. (Tatoos in my mind are as much about coming up with the creative/ artistic idea as they are about the inker's level of artistic achievement.)
  • Why not? Obviously you know that they will be walking all over you until long after they leave the nest! LOL ;-)
  • Go for it. Make sure you get a very good artist to do it for you. Research research research.
  • Sounds awesome. If your kids can all write their names, I'd say use their own signatures.
  • I expect you are an adult, so do what you like.

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