• On the contrary, this website says California cows are unhappy: The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) is lying to consumers about the way cows are treated on dairy farms. Its “Happy Cows” ad campaign is designed to make people think that California’s dairy cows live happy, natural lives and that they are treated well, when in fact, the way that California’s dairy cows are treated would warrant felony cruelty-to-animals charges if cows were protected by the laws that protect dogs and cats. But if it's true that cows in California are really happy, I would attribute it to the climate and the fact that they live in the same state as Jodie ;)
  • If there are any organic dairy farms in California then I guess the cows are happy there. Otherwise I doubt it, especially after I found out what happened to those poor animals at the Hallmark Meat Packing plant in Chino. I'm fairly sure that cows in India are generally happier. ;) I credit nature and liberated bulls for whatever happiness bovines enjoy. ;)
  • If you are a beef cow, then your life, or part of your life may be very happy in CA but is you are a milk cow it isn't a good life at all. It is a rarity to see cows outside of their modern cramped quarters. Cows out on grass? LOL!!! Yeah right, try New York and Wisconsin for happy cows in a pasture, you know, somewhere it rains enough to water the grass to keep it growing from all those cows living on it, eating it, pooping on it. IN CA you can smell the dairies from miles away. IN the summer heat it is unbearable. There are whole sections of road I just don't ever want to drive up with the windows down:-( But to be fair, in the winter time, eastern, northern cows do have to live indoors for much of the time, but it's no different than all year for CA cows, just a little less fresh air
  • Any cow headed for slaughter is not a happy cow. There is alot of cow abuse. Cow hands use electric prods to move cows around. There are various strengths of electric prods. Truck drivers dont care, their cows are going to the slaughter house anyway. Cows in feed lots get fed cow leftovers from the slaughter houses. It gets mixed into their feed. Maybe dairy cows that are taken care of in a family run business get some personal attention. Cows have alot of personality. And many have names that they respond to. Maybe a Four H Club member takes good care of their cow. Unless it is going to the slaughter house. Cows arent dumb.
  • Mexican weed.

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