• The phrase..Let,s put it all together.. ,makes my head hurt!
  • Moon dirt is very expensive! Its highly guarded and I doubt they would share any of it with 'undesirables'. You are not, undesirable, by the way and you know this. You know Jesus said you were worth dying for and any time you choose to think you are not worth it you are basically calling Him a liar and telling Him He overpaid for you. He's not stupid and YOU ARE WORTH IT! You just need to learn what He already knows about your TRUE value! And this is not dependent on ANYTHING ON EARTH! Your value was determined at the cross when Jesus paid for you.
    • Cry me a River
      Y r u yelling?
  • If you believe they were on the moon... And not a movie set... Only picture I ever saw of them, supposedly on the moon, It was darkish...There were no stars in the background.
    • Cry me a River
      Haha,, I have never heard that before thanx for your answer! :-)
  • They snorted it up their nose and sold the rest at a high price..I think it's called mooncaine.
  • evidently they fight over it!
  • no idea
  • It is used as cat litter. lol
  • sold it to suckers on ebay?
  • They store it away in secret hidden vaults because that dirt is very valuable for some reason, and not to be shared with the lowly citizens. 10/8/23

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