• well theres alot of in depth things that could be wrong. but its hard to tell without more info. however, a common problem with fish sitting is that the food has been changed, or just increased stress from moving the enclosure. as a result from both of these things, an increased amount of gasses are produced, causing her to float. a remedy can be very simple however. gently massage her starting at her front "not her Head" moving your way back to coax these gasses out of her. but be careful, being rough can hurt her. this is not a sure fire remedy though, because those symptoms arent attached to only one distinct problem. but good luck anyway!
  • Well it sounds like bloat or some other type of bacterial infection to me take the betta and put her in the fridge leave her there for awhile that should take care of the infection or go to the pet store and get some stuff called melafix it works wonders on scaled fish.

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