• its not a bad thing a lot of women, and men too, like to keep their homes beaut? Its not really a thing of the past, its just that most ppl have to go to work to pay their mortgages etc
  • Nothing wrong with it at all,so long as it makes you happy raising kids and taking care of a house is as honorable a job as any other.
  • It's not a bad thing, it's a great thing. I would imagine that being a wife & mother would be more challenging and rewarding than any career. But too many feminists have tried to make it out to be like some sort of repression instead of an honor.
  • I would hope that it's not a bad thing, because it's what I want to do too! If it's a bad thing, we can just be bad together. Wait...that came out wrong. Basically, I think being a house wife is a good thing, and if you do too, then that's all that should matter.
  • honey, if it aint broken dont fix it. If your feeling good about the situation, enjoy it. ;) there is nothing wrong with wanting to please the person your with. Taking care of your man is important but just remember its important for him to take care of you aswell physically and emotionally.
  • No it means u are willing to take reponsibility and thats good and also you are not a lazy person.
  • I think it is fine and a great thing. Not just for your children, but for yourself and your husband and your community. The only drawbackwould be if you and your husband divorced you have no background without a college degree to support yourself. There is currently a lot of hate aimed at women by Men's Rights Activists for getting alimony or a property settlement that they consider unfair. They are working on legislation to change the laws.
  • i think its great that there are still women or men that are dedicated in taking care of the family by staying home,and i agree with AVALLACH.i think that its more rewarding to a woman to become a wife and especially a cannot beat those kinds of rewards in life its just priceless and if people think theres something wrong with that, than theres something wrong with them. being a thing of the past,i believe that its about there lifestyle not being furfilled therefor the want to go out and achieve more in this much demanding competitive world.
  • Its not a bad thing at all. According to the bible women are to be keepers of the home. In todays society they think its a thing of the past because everyone else is doing it. Women feeling inferior to men so they have to prove that they are. Couples who want more money and so they get jobs. Women complaining that they are bored so they go to work and put there children in day cares instead of taking care of them themselves. There are more positives in women being keepers of the home then there are working on the job.
  • if it makes you happy then no. some people are meant to be housewifes and stay at home moms while others were meant to be in the businessworld. it depends on your strengths and what you feel happy doing.
  • If you, as a couple, can afford it, there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. But if you CAN'T afford it, then you BOTH have to work. THAT'S why people think it's a thing of the past... Costs of EVERYTHING have gone through the roof, and two CANNOT "afford to live as cheaply as one"... Heck, many times ONE can't afford it!
  • I don't mean this as a bad thing, but I think it's a good thing. I like the thought of bieng home and cleaning and cooking and having a grasp of domestic skills. I like the thought of bieng there for my kids when I have some, so I can teach them and keep them out of institutionalized care facilities(I have issue with Daycare and certain pre-school programs) I think that bieng a housewife is great. Face it, having a job outside the home, you are just expected to pull double-duty. You still have to clean the house, cook and if there are kids, take care of them besides your other job. Housewifing can be hard enough, harder than some people realize, and when there are kids it is said to be the hardest and yet most rewarding job a person can have. This is just how I see it though
  • I have never thought it a thing of the past but I have always thought that it should be something a person, gender irrelevent, likes to do. I hate most housework. I don't mind taking a turn at the dishes, (there are four adults in my home), or doing my husbands washing, sometimes he does mine, it is whatever is convenient between us. I don't mind taking a turn cleaning the toilet and such, but I refure to be the only one who does it merely because I am female and the "lady of the house". Total Bull shit! So if you enjoy doing this and want to, then do it a be proud. Do a great job. I admire people who enjoy doing their stuff and do it well.
  • 1) If you want to make the best of your life, you will have to learn a profession where you can make some money - or get some money from some other means. Your possibilities to get money with a job are not always reliable, but the other possibilities are not reliable either. Many people today don't stay in the same marriage all their life. 2) To be a housewife is a wonderful present that you could make to your partner and children, but don't think that they will always appreciate it. I would even say that it could be a kind of sacrifice... Otherwise, if you really like it, you could also find great fulfillment doing this. But you could also get tired of it after many years. As long as you have small children, it could have some financial advantage to do this. Later you could better participate to the financial resources of your family with a part time or even full time job. And if your husband does not earn really a lot of money, it will make sense to have later more than one income. 3) The housewife job will be quite difficult to present as a professional experience in a future résumé (although I am sure it can be this, when it is well done). 4) Many men will appreciate it if you engage yourself intensively in houshold tasks. But some will also know that if you only concentrate on this, you could develop yourself in a total financial dependency situation which could be dangerous for the balance of your couple. Moreover, this does not have to take all your time as long as you are only caring for your partner, and not also for children. Some of them are also aware that you will need probably more money to fufill your both (and family's) needs as they alone can earn. So they could make some pressure on you not to concentrate only on being a housewife.
  • Wanting to be a housewife is a great thing! It's easier on both people. He can put his energy into providing for you and you put your energy into taking care of him. Not to mention the tax benefits. I used to work at low paying jobs (no skills at all) and at tax time we always owed a lot. It made no sense. It required another car, insurance for it, extra work clothes. We ate out or bought convienience foods. We were both tired after a days work and still had chores and meals to worry about. I get a lot of criticism from working females friends, but I think, deep down, they are just envious.
  • I would not mind being a housewife. It just comes from the whole women's movement when this was looked down upon. Do what you want to, I say.
  • Theres nothing wrong with it. Ignor anyone who says there is. just like there is nothing wrong with my GF wanting a job. you wanna stay at home, look after the house, cook or whatever just do it. and slap any one who says its wrong. their just stuck in the whole idea that men are all bastards and we force you to clean and if you clean anything or have a desire to stay home and look after the children that your seting yourself back. well you are. your setting your self back to the forgoten time when men treated women like goddesses because its what we beleived you are. and if the godess wants to stay home and look after the house then the godess will stay home and look after the house god damm it!!!
  • If being a housewife is what you want to do, DO IT! Do whatever makes you happy, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. It might sound "old fashioned" to some people, but don't let it bother you.
  • I am a housewife and I love it. I get all the stuff done around the house when he's at work and start on dinner and then when he gets home, we are both there so we have time to spend together. He doesn't work weekends and if I got a job I would more than likely work weekends and that would mean less time I get to see him when he's actually here. When he's deployed I get a job just to keep myself busy and from going insane. I don't think its a thing of the past at all. I know a lot of women that do it, but I also know a lot of women that work and kind of look down on housewives. I enjoy it and if you enjoy, then do what makes you happy. You only live once...don't let your one life slip by you.
  • it's not a bad thing if that's what fulfills you or makes you happy then who's to tell you otherwise? women's equality should be about the right to choose whether or not she wants to be a housewife not about getting her out of the house completely
  • By no means is it a bad thing. I think it's great if that's what you want to do and you don't mind it. I think I would also love to be a house wife when I'm older just to be there for my children like my parents couldn't be. It's thought of being in the past just because women used to be thought of as only capable to cook and clean, but times have changed and we all know how capable and smart women are. We can all do more than just stay at home. But if that's something you wanna do, then go right ahead and do it! Good for you.
  • Taking care of yourself, a home and family will never be a thing of the past. Everyone has to do these things, how nice you enjoy it!:)

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