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  • Its really no excuse for what she did so, I would suggest she shouldn't drink if she can't control her alcohol, but if you notice people always use alcohol as an excuse.I been drunk plenty of times it didn't cause me to cheat on my significant other, but some times when people drink he/she do what they feel like doing at the time so she WANTED to do what she did.
  • don't worry about it... focus on being you, the best you... hint: don't condemn her, simply accept her completely...; this will cause immediate relief and enable you to live with yourself at ease hint2: humans cannot own each other except in delusional self-identities which spawn equally fictitious relationship constructs...; the reason then you are straining is not because of her behavior but rather because you are trying to convince yourself of something your are NOT - her owner...
  • very tough situation. You DO have a right to be hurt. I am not really buying the whole i was drunk thing, either. If she did not sleep with him, I would make sure the issue is clearly discussed, and let it go, ONCE!
  • i dont blame u for being hurt i would be pissed. i dont know if i could forgive do you think she has done this before
  • so u think she could be an aduteress ? Now is the time to confront the issue. The issue is not your wife`s act but your interpretation .sit down and talk/think it over without taking a moral high ground.If she has an unfulfilled sexual need,then think whether you can fulfill it . If her act is a want or a sexual desire,then you can think of taking a decision on your relationship
  • Wow! The comment that guy made about you "trying to own her" is simply a stupid answer. She's your wife for God sakes. You become one when you get married. Obviously the alcohol part only enables you to become more courageous. She obviously will remember what she did forever! She cheated on her husband, I think she's an easy target for men. I would definately separate my self from my spouse if that ever happened. I wouldn't divorce right away maybe a separation for the both of you will be good.
  • In future may I suggest you do not drink as much, she might not cheat on a sober man.
  • I read your other version of this story first and this one sure makes her sound more like a cheater, which I have a feeling she is not. Time heals things like this. She loves you, you love her. She doesn't have any history of cheating and she feels awful. Console her and forgive her. Then live a happy life together and don't get drunk without each other.
  • Maybe she was looking for double penetration..
  • The old i was too drunk to know what i was doing excuse. How many of those have I heard!? Its up to you: Forgive, forget, go to marriage counseling, go to AA, stop going to bars and parties, go to your lawyer. It's your choice.

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