• YES! Why? Because he's the best damn doctor there is!
  • Uh, of the premises is that he is the best of the best.
  • G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. No because I would want to be treated by a specialist in that area and he may not be. If he was, I would be happy to see him. I would go to the specialist my GP recommended. Regards
  • good god yes!!! the man kicks the ass if illness!!!! and besides, "would you Prefer to have a doctor who holds your hand while you die, or who ignores you while you get better… I guess it would particularly suck to have a doctor who ignores you while you die”
  • I wouldn't because he seems to not care so much for his patients and takes many chances that he would not normally take if he wasn't preoccupied with the rest of the drama going on that is really none of his business. I mean sure he is suppose to be the best of the best but how many mistakes does he make bringing people to the brink of death before he finds a simple fix.
  • The only reason Doctors are not like House is because they are all to afraid of lawsuits when that should be the last thing they should worry about. Yes i would have Dr. House as my doctor because i want someone who would save my life..i would rather have a complete ass who saves me then someone who is my friend and i die because of it.
  • A pill-popping, shallow, neurotic narcissist who happened to make it through medical school and now gets lucky weekly? Nah, I don't think so.
  • I would prefer to have Foreman as my doctor. He's more likable then House. My 2nd choice would be #13.
  • I would definately want House to be my doctor-he's honest, abrupt and tells it like it is.
  • I would want House because he is THE best and some of his interns are sometimes too emotional to make rational decisions.
  • Mmmmmm I'd like House to be my doctor. I think he's so sexy.
  • Cameron could be my doctor anytime, as long as she asks House to diagnose me :D
  • I tend to lean towards Thirteen. I like her character.
  • That's difficult. House is a "tell it like it is" kinda guy, but he "tells it like it is" to other people - NOT to his patient. That pisses me off. I HATE it when doctors keep me in the dark. So, for that, I'd want House, with Taub or Kutner's honesty. *nods* Just don't give me Taub or Kutner. They both nearly kill people wuh-HAY too often.
  • I would definitely want House to be my doctor. Me and my friend talk about House being our primary doctor all the time. He is just too real and yes he does tell it like it is and he is ALWAYS right. and I like that lol
  • No. House is a douche bag. He's perceived as the one doctor that's "in tune" with his patients because he's a gimp. Every one of his terminal patients is supposed to be like "Here I am with a pigeon hatching out of my pancreas, and my poor doctor has to use a cane. He really gets me!" And that's also supposed to be his free pass to verbally abuse all of them. Crock of shit show.
  • I would love House as my doctor, both because I am just like hime, and because I have a crush on him.
  • Hell yea, people almost never die on that show.
  • I used to have a doctor who was like House, except he wasn't as good looking. When he walked in the hospital, people paid attention and nurses didn't dare not take care really good care of his patients or heads would roll! It's amazing what an attitude can do, but it works!
  • Hugh Laurie is a bit of a babe, I'd want House.
  • HELL YES...Because Dr. House tells like how it is, unlike most doctors keep the patient in the dark. House seems honest, doesn't keep anything hidden from his patients. i would also like Cameron, foremen or #13. only if House diagnosed me first. -Tyler
  • if he was in the same city i might

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