• No - that's extremely odd.
    • Linda Joy
      she told me she read that I didn't like taking medication. I told her that was just the Tylenol and why but then I remembered back when I was being overmedicated and I complained about that too their response was to put me on more medication! it was crazy! I couldn't even think. it was just before the drooling down the front of my shirt phase! Actually now that I think about it that maybe a true statement I don't like taking medication that I don't need but I do need to take the medications that I need. Yeah after some consideration I have to (grudgingly) admit some truth to the statement. I'm gonna do better! But I'm still not going to take medicine I don't need.
  • Yes, I have! The information in my chart was really wrong. We need to stop treating doctors like gods! Sometimes they are sloppy. Or just wrong. And often they have huge egos and entitlement issues because they are never questioned or challenged by anyone. And of course some are amazing.
    • Linda Joy
      mine are usually young and inexperienced Birmingham is a huge Medical training area and we have students that come in and practice they have an attending whom you may or may not even see. The young lady I saw was going to UAB. I agree we should always do our own research. I was misdiagnosed with COPD the diagnosis was cleared after a lung function test. It was irresponsible to give a diagnosis like that without a lung function test. But I couldn't breathe at the time of the diagnosis . That was a fact! I was on lung medications for over a year I didn't need!
  • Not yet but my doctor always wants me to come back to find something, hate it when there looking for stuff rather than treat what's in front of them
    • Linda Joy
      Sometimes it seems like they just don't listen. Or don't fully comprehend. I think some of those tests are done just so the kids can get practice! they sent me for a brain scan once just because I told them I didn't have a very good sense of smell. They wanted to make sure I didn't have a tumor
  • kind of , yrs ago i saw a doctor cause of constant headaches, she put me on antidepressants, a yr and a half later and 50 lbs heavier i found out it was a sinus infection, she got turned in to the medical board
    • Linda Joy
      That stuff drives me nuts! I've had conditions go undiagnosed 30 years! Do you have allergies? Or asthma?
    • Linda Joy
      I find red pepper and habanero help keep my sinuses clear. really anything with capsaicin will work. But also mint is good for that you drink tea. Use. a little mint in your tea. It can help clear sinuses.
    • pearllederman
      im allergic to a whole bunch of stuff including some foods, i take stuff like benadryl and claritin and then i can eat what i want without reacting to it
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not sure what all my allergens are either. I'm fairly sure I'm allergic to cats and some pesticides. But there's also pollen or pollution involved. And some foods I think. but none are life-threatening so they don't check to see what my specific allergies are. Anyway with capsaicin and mint helping me to breathe I don't use any allergy medications right now. But I stay in most of the time and usually if I go out I shower when I get in to rinse the stuff off of me that I'm allergic to especially my hair and clothes. But with mint and capsaicin to help me breathe I'm not currently on any allergy medications.

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