• I suggest you see a Dermatologist then
  • i guess i am lucky if my zits come out on my rump mostly.....
  • Isolaz - a REALLY new treatment that just came out last year. laser treatment, totally painless, the results are phenomenal and you see them quickly. plus no messed up side effects.. I've heard terrible things about accutane.
  • Go to another dermatologist. It doesn't look like this one is really helping you. It can take a while to find a good dermatologist but it is worth it. I am 28 and have had mild-moderate acne since I was a teenager. I saw one dermatologist way back when, and gave up on it because he didn't help me. Last year I finally went to a good doctor and he got me straightened out. I regret that I did not do this sooner. Why do you not want to take antibiotics? I was on one and it is what worked, the doctor explained that sometimes the acne is caused by an on-going infection right under our skin that we just couldn't seem to ever get rid of.
  • aww i totally know how you feel i have really bad acne right now and I've taken some antibiotics and they didnt really work and im scared to go on accutane cuz of all the side effects so hopefully i can find something so i dont have to be stuck with it forever but the important thing is to keep smiling and dont focus to much on your acne or it will just cause more stress which could make it worse so let your happiness shine through and i garuntee you people wont even notice your acne and you'll feel better too
  • noxema used to help me with acne

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