• Guess it's too late to rethink your decision to have your nose pierced....Go back to whoever pierced it and have it looked at. If you take the "earring" off now, with the swelling you will probably not get it back in and all will be for nothing. If you're really concerned about the swelling being too much, see a doc. Don't need to be walking around without a nose now do we....
  • Go to a professional, not someone that would put that kind of jewelry in your nose. I'd say take it out and get it repierced by a pro. Was it pierced with a gun?
  • It was done by a pro. I went back and had the back removed and sure enough when I got home, I took it out and it is an earring stud. Now I am having problems keeping it in. I had it checked and its not infected but still a little swollen and of course the "EARRING" is not long enough. I was wondering, would it hurt if I bought another nose ring and just replaced it with this one?
  • see your local doctor immediately
  • You went to a tattoo shop or a 'pro' at the mall? Take it out, let it heal and get it done by a real piercer. A real piercer would never pierce your nose with a gun and use ear jewelry. Nose jewelry will not have a backing on it. The piercer will use a needle and add the stud or ring. If he/she uses a stud the end of it will be turned to a 90 degree angle to keep it in. If it's a ring a ball will be placed in it to prevent it from coming out.
  • first off the nose ring should not be the same as a ear ring i got mine done at a tattoo parlor and theys use a nose screw so it can come out after nose heals cause if u get a nose bone the skin will heal up and u will be unable to get the ball out!
  • Idiot!

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