• Check to make sure the house hasn't been built over the fifth gate of hades. On a more serious note, is there volcanic activity nearby? Are you near a coastline or a geological fault? Are there factories down the road somewhere? Isolating the cause should just be a matter of following your nose, but if you can't, then get someone from the EPA to help out.
  • from "Rotten egg odor is caused by dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide is not only unpleasant to smell, but is corrosive to most metals and tarnishes silver readily." and "Manganese, seldom found alone in a water supply, is usually accompanied by iron. Concentrations as low as 0.2 part per million of manganese will produce dark brown or black staining. Fabrics washed in manganese-bearing waters are almost invariably stained. Deposits collect in plumbing, and tap water frequently contains a black sediment and turbidity. Manganese bacteria often causes clogging of pipes."
  • You need to investigate further. If you live in an industrial area, or heavy traffic area, or many home owners burn wood in fireplaces,heavy smokers in the house ,etc, your home is prone to acrid air quality. IN ADDITION: I have also seen where ground contaminants or seeping gas flumes or other chemicals are seeping under the home from gas stations, sewage,leaking oil tanks and the like cause this type of condition in the home. It is generally met with a brown like film on the ceiling, walls and vents.

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