• From what I understand,they believe in dinosaurs but they walked around the world with mankind,a few thousand years ago,sort of like "The Flintstones"
  • Well, humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time, duh. Any idiot can see that, I mean - isn't it obvious? Adam rode a raptor all over the place.
  • People who believe that God created the world and everything in it, believe that God created all animal and plant life in an instant. They believe dinosaurs existed, but they were created at the beginning along with everything else. Some believe that man and dinosaurs lived side by side others don't. It depends on how literal they take to creation stories in the Bible.
  • i believe in evolution and i do believe dinosaurs existed.look around,you'd notice they still exist to this day. for those who don't believe in evolution,they either believe in god or not. for someone not to believe that dinosaurs existed is a very great loss for them.
  • Interesting question. Evolution is a theory, and thus may be believed or not until proven. Dinosaurs, or fossils rather, are not proof of evolution. The two are not necessarily inclusive: One may believe in the existence of dinosaurs without the need for evolution.
  • Well, I have been asked the christian perspective on dinosaurs before and if you are up for the read well here ya go...
  • Some do. Some don't. It all depends on individual interepratation of the Bible. A fundamentalist will tell you that dinosaurs never existed, but are Satan's way of tricking us into not believing the Bible or God's way of testing your faith. Somew beleive, even though it contradics what we know through sceince, that man and dinosaur lived together, but something caused the dinos to die out. Some think that the dates in the Bible for creation are flexable so it would be possible for the way sceince shows it happened to be true. Like I said it just depends on what kind of creationist you talk to. Scholars now believe the stories of the dragons in the Bible and other mythologies were stories made to explain the strange fossils early men were finding when they dug into the earth. That's why their apperance is so simular.
  • There is some confusion in this question. Evolution, as creationists seem to consider it, suggests that mankind evolved from apes. Creationists don't like the implications of this so they insist mankind was manufactured, so to speak, all at once, about 6000 years ago.Now how do we account for dinsaurs? Well, if man was created 6000 years ago and everything else was created 6000 years ago, then dinosaurs and man must have been co-created. This is a tough one because while you might be persuaded that man suddenly blossomed 6000 years ago, in spite of what the Leaky's have found in Africa, you might consider the possibility dinosaurs were created millions of years ago...but man only appeared 6000 years ago. Yes, this does get confusing. The creationist answer...evolution is only a theory, as is creationism, and there is no hard scientific evidence supporting evolution. There is a creationist museum which shows a dinosaur with a saddle. I guess P. T. Barnum was right.
  • I don't believe in Evolution and I do believe that dinosaurs existed.
  • They do, but they believe in the 7 days as it says in the bible. How long was a day back then? Is the usual response. Very true, the way I see it.
  • NO. i believe in alpha centorians who were allies with the dinosaurs
  • No, if fact Creation Scientists will bring up a fact that the scientists that still believe in evolution ignore. There are several places in Texas where there are human footprints alongside dinosaur footpints. You can tell by the stride that the humans are running. When these were discovered some local people chisled some out of the rocks and sold them. Some hucksters made fake one (diehard evolutionists will claim that all the footprints are fake because of these ones that were sold). Anyway, you can go to Texas and see for yourself if you want to. There are several places where this occured (27 different places, I believe)

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