• Trump is racist, Democrats help the poor, Republicans are rich, the south is full of racial tension, global warming (its called weather and its been around since the beginning) politicians are 'public servants'
    • Roaring
      Trumps assertion about Mexicans "They're murders, they're rapists" is clearly a stereotype of Mexicans? Agree that the positive stereotype of democrats helping the poor has very very few actual examples nowadays.
    • Archie Bunker
      He didn't say that about all Mexicans. Good try.
  • We (The Man) white dudes only want to keep the po' black folks down and keep them in the ghettos where they belong so the cops can keep shooting them like it's the national pastime. (Racists) We should not let the homos out of their homes. (Homophobia) All muslims are terrorists. (Islamophobia) We want old people to just die already. (Free healthcare) We want children to be murdered at school. (2nd Amendment) Only the rich deserve stuff and all you poor jerks should cannibalize each other cause you ain't getting shit from us. (Capitalism) Throw the babies and moms back over the wall after we shoot them with beanbags and mace, because we hate mexicans. (Border Security) Women should be barefoot and pregnant and give it up whenever I want, after you're done makin' my damn sammich, bitch. (Gender equality) Send Negan to take half of every country's shit. 'Cause we're awesome and everyone else is stupid. (National Defense) Keep the government out of my business, so we can run rampant over all the poor people. (Limited Goverment) We want women who have "unplanned" pregnancies to die, even after they terminate the baby after it's born, because we just hate women. (ProLife) Throw your styrofoam garbage in the ocean and kill all the baby seals and polar bears. (Climate change)

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