• Can you get it dismissed? Probably not. It almost never matters WHY you were going over the speed limit, just that you were. However, if you show up for the hearing dressed fairly nicely and politely offer your side of the story, you may well get a reduction of the fine.
    • mushroom
      Don't even offer a story unless asked to by the judge. Just walk up sheepishly, and if the judge dismisses it, mumble "thank you." and leave. In some jurisdictions, the prosecutor or patrol officer may offer to substitute an "administrative" charge, meaning pay a fine but get no motor vehicle points. If so, take it and don't do it again!
  • What? Based on your question, i hope the officer issued you a citation for reckless driving, not just speeding. The officer observed you speeding, you ran up behind the car in front, hit your brakes and swerved to avoid a rear end collision. is this what really happened? If so, a reckless driving citation definetely was in order. Dismissed? you are lucky the officer did not take you to jail.
  • You'd have to be able to convince the judge that you were doing the speed limit BEFORE the person in front of you started braking, and that their sudden braking made it impossible for you not to smack into them unless you swerved. Then you'd have to be able to argue convincingly that after the swerve, the safest thing to do was to speed up to get out of the lane that belonged to the oncoming traffic. Doesn't sound like an easy sell to me, but you can try. It means convincing the judge that the hidden speed trap was creating a traffic hazard. Your credibility might be helped if you have a clean record in the past.

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