• What did it sound like? Can you describe it? I need more info.
    • pleaseanswerme01
      its not voices its more of a constant thumping sound its like the sound of a headache if that makes sense.
    • Boola Boo
      Maybe it's Nurse Ratched. She had many methods of controlling people.
  • maybe youre hearing stuff and need to go see a psychiatrist about it
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    • Boola Boo
      Yes, I agree, "Call Ghostbusters."
  • Have your blood pressure checked immediately. Or it can be tinnitus.
  • Investigate: get out of bed & walk around: You should stick your head out of the window whilst you are hearing the noises in your head, see if it stops: I would not just lie there listening inside my own head.
  • As long as you can express intelligible thoughts (which you have) I would say that you are not "crazy". Since the large arteries in the neck are close to the inner ear, it's possible that the pressure of your pulse is being transmitted to your ear. And it is possible that the anxiety of hearing the sound and worrying about it increases your heart rate and blood pressure, thus intensifying the sound. Possibly the position of your head and neck causes some constriction of an artery. Or a blocked drainage tube in the ear can cause such a sensation. The cause is much more likely physical rather than mental. A mental disorder would not only affect someone upon waking.
  • Crikey, could be loads of things as demonstrated in the answers below, I'll add pulsatile tinnitus, and exploding Head syndrome Or it could be blood pressure, it might be worth getting a check up at the doctors.

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