• Only when they wave at me. I don't want to end up on some news show.
  • of course
  • When they wave at me I wave right back.
  • they wave at me
  • Yes - if they wave to me first.
  • no, kids that i see on school buses are too cool to wave.
  • Yes when they wave and pull faces which the small ones do. I do the same back. I imagine they go home and tell their Moms about the crazy lady following the bus.
  • Especially not with a bag of candy ;)
  • They are grown now, but I have an anecdote. We always took our daughter to a magnet school. One time we decided to let her ride the school bus. When she was returning home, I stood at the conner of the street waiting for her to get there so I cross her across the street. It was bus number 11. I saw the bus coming and I was so glad because it was the first time my daughter had taken the bus and returned on the bus from school. As I waited there the bus went right by me and kept on going. I did not know what to do so I just quickly decided to get in my car which was just across the street and follow the bus. I had a tough time keeping up with the bus especially when it turned on yellow light that caught me red, but I would not stop following. I could not attempt to pass the bus and flag it down because I did not know how the driver would react. My plan was to follow the bus to the parking place and recover my daughter. I know that the driver was nervous about me following him because when he made a stop he talked to one of the parents to come to talk to me to find out what the deal was. I identified myself as a parent of a student in the bus and what the name of my daughter was. They finally retrieved my daughter for me. When she got on the car with me I said "I am sorry that the bus took you away so far, you must have been so scared." She said "No dad I was so happy, I thought the bus was taking me for a ride." Needless to say my wife and I went back to driving our daugther back to the magnet school.
  • Once in a while.
  • Nope! The last time I did that the kid started f*ck that!
  • I am the kid thats getting waved to on the bud LOL
  • Eh, only if I wave first, otherwise I think they are just being a smart ass
  • If they wave first. I always smile at them though, I can't help it..they are so cute.
  • Nope because I never seem to have an occasion to now that I'm retired, i.e. I think I'm almost always at home when school buses are in transit. I might have seen a school bus occasionally while I was driving but I think my car is too low profile for me to be able to see the windows on a school bus. Otherwise I'd smile and return any waves that I thought were for me.
  • Only if they are grade school kids and I wave to them in their cars it when their not to shy to wave back.
  • if they wave to me first sure =)
  • Not always, but usually.
  • I flip them the bird.
  • If they wave at me.

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