• ive never had kids but i cant even remember me going to school for the first time, wish i could
    • Linda Joy
      I remember a few traumatic incidents before kindergarten, but not my first day. I remember having to learn how to cross the street to walk there but not my first day.
  • Yes, Pre-K, and she cried for the first 30 minutes everyday for about a week.
  • ive never had kids
  • Hey, don't be trying to get me to own up to fathering your kid! :P
    • Linda Joy
      That's your fantasy, not mine! Hahaha!
    • Wakko
      Oh, hard to get, eh? *bats eyelashes*
    • Linda Joy
      Wait! That's my move!
  • On my God, yes. He's 28 now and I remember it like yesterday. So little. His back pack was so heavy he fell backwards!
  • I definitely yes. My first born on his first day of school was nothing but excitement. Both me and him are so excited that day, that he pushes me out and don't want me be there watching him, but of course my excitement was to watch him how will he be in his first day. My second son was so much more like his brother, but not that pushes me away. We were both excited that he don't even care if I'm watching him or not. My third was different. He got separation anxiety. As in the whole 1st quarter we're on a roller coaster ride of emotions of excitement going to school and crying when it's time for me to leave him. Oh that was a big challenge between me and his teacher. are different, definitely for a mom every firsts is treasured. :)
    • Linda Joy
      I was a substitute teacher and I remember a child that the teacher said cried every day that she missed her mom. And not just when the mom left, either! She took spells all day long EVERY DAY! And she had been going to school for over 6 months at that point!

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