• If you get married in the US it helps a lot. "Technically" you're not supposed to get married if you're not a legal citizen, but there's not any requirements that say you have to be to one get married. If you get married to an American on American soil, it makes it a lot easier to get citizenship (as in, it'll only take 6 months to a year as opposed to 7 years). Once married, gah, I can't remember exactly which organization to contact, but if you contact your local social security office (findable in the phonebook) then they should be able to tell you. If you're married you can still technically be deported, but it gives you the ability to come immediately back, otherwise you're just deported. (Not like they'll /actually/ find you, but just so you know.)
  • Sure you can marry him. But you can only remain on your work permit. You will have to return to Canada to get a resident permit based on the marriage. Process is pretty fast, usually under 2 months. Sometimes as little as 2 weeks. But no, you need that valid visa to make the passport valid here and get the marriage license.
  • actually she can get around all of this go online and look at visa's there are different types for different situations the most common one is K-1 called fiance visa then there's K-4 marriage visa which can be applied for from states K-1's go through embassy of country of origin look it up and call they have lawyers specifically that handle this everything from paperwork to applications and what not average going price for whole process is anywhere's from 1000-5000 bucks to get them to do everything and its a law firm so no they wont report you or how would they maintain a buisness have your fiance talk to them tho if you do.

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