• First, you are not legally married. this eliminates the 50/50 standard in most states. is the house totally in your name, only? if so, the house is yours and she has no attachment to same. You will have to evict your girlfriend. go to your local police or sheriff dept. and apply for a writ of eviction. after being served, your girlfriend has 30 days to clear the premises. if not, the sheriff dept. will glady set her belongs on the street. One other question, has your girlfriend made any payments on the house? if so, she made sue you in civil court to recover half or all her payments.
  • No, the house and mortgage are in both our names. I would have needed a co-signer to get approved for the loan so the bank made the mortgage to us both. The house was a Katrina damaged house that we had to gut and repair. I paid all but about $3,000.00 of the repairs. She put in the $3,000.00. The house is 85% complete. We've only had five notes, I paid the first four and after we broke up, I told her she would have to pay the next four. I am a fireman and on my days off I work with my dad's construciton company. All the work/labor (5 months worth) I did myself. I had my electrican friend re-wire the house and my cousin did all the plumbing. The work I did saved us about $30,000.00. We both had seperate appraisals done and my appraisal was $60,000.00 less than hers. She had the bank do her appraisal. I went with an independent company. Now she believes the house is worth a ton of money and insists on finishing the house herself (I refuse to put any more free labor into it)and sell it and split the profit. What about all the money I put into the house?
  • You need to lawyer up, my friend.
  • This seems like a valuable life less. No matter how it turns out, you need to make sure you don't make that type of mistake again.

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