• Seperate them now. Keep them separated until YOU do the following. Research, study and learn about rabbits, rabbit breeding and when it is ok and not ok to breed a pair of rabbits. Breeding them and then asking questions when things come up will result in injury, illness and potentially death of rabbits, buck and doe and the kits of course. to get you started. Unless you are planning on things like hasenpfeffer: There is no "good reason" to raise rabbits. Rabbits do not find "good homes" and they can easily become a burden your you and your wallet and if not properly disposed of (say being take to the farms and released - is not a proper disposal, hasenpfeffer is a good disposal method) the become a burden on other people. Every book you crack, every site you go to will tell you that raising rabbits is a "bad idea". Because it is.
  • It's a little late to ask after the fact. NO, it isn't a good idea so soon after having babies. She need REST to replenish her own body, to get back fat reserves and build strong bones and a good heart. Why are you trying to breed them without knowing what you are doing? She could die from so much mating and breeding and gestation. There are reasons the babies died. Do you know what they are before you rebreed? Just because rabbits CAN breed, doesn't mean they SHOULD. IT shortens their life, makes unwanted pets and could kill them as it has killed the babies.
  • i hope so

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