• That would depend on the girl, for me, you play hard to get all you like and well you are playing I will go out with some other guy.
  • CONFIDENCE is the answer. No matter what you do. It makes girls wild...augh, really we can't get enough. A man who knows what they want, works hard, strong...oh my gosh. Works every time. Add that to some emotional understanding and boom! They'll be hooked!
  • It would probably be fun for a while, but eventually I might think the guy doesn't like me because he's a player and I'd lose interest and find someone else who actually wanted to be with me. I am totally guessing, though.
  • actually, from my point of view, i think that playing hard to get is pretty pointless. the girl may LIKE you for all you know and if all you do is act like you don't like her back, most likely you won't get any reaction. if you like a girl who speaks up and likes guys who do that, then you got lucky lol. just be yourself and talk to her a lot and when she asks you something, make sure you listen to her. just watch the movie "hitch" haha
  • flirt and do everything but dont make the first move,( in terms of organizing a date or phone number) shes go bananas
  • if i already like a guy, and he has been flirting with me, but all of a sudden stops i assume he doesnt like me anymore, and i move on. even if his friends tell me he is playing hard to get. im not a fan of feeling like the other person doesnt like me. so i dont waste my time. my best advice is to let her know you like her, but dont be super clingy. because that can creep girls out just as much as it creeps guys out.
  • personally guys that play hard to get just piss me off. i like quietly confident, yet not over bigoted or arrogant. moderation is the key. drop subtle hints, and pick it up if she responds well. if you go the Hard To Get round, you might just end up annoying her, and destroying her confidence.
  • If you start with games then a game is all you'll have. If you want something real, be real. If you like her tell her. If she don't feel the same then she is not for you and you can move on.

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