• The way I did it was to get music sheets for a piece that inspires me, I did have lessons when I was 10 but found the obligation to practice or loose the lessons a burden. Many years later in high school I picked it up again and learned on my own with Guitar chord and finger picking books and friends sharing me the chords of what they knew like Stairway to Heaven.Then got sheet music of guitar pieces that inspired me and practiced, practiced, practiced on my acoustical guitar. You've inspired me to pick it up now
  • maybe from someone else thats already playing it
  • The first thing to do is get a guitar that fits you. Go to a music store. Look up the "F" chord and try to play it on any guitar in the store. Write down the model number of the guitar that is easiest to play. Go online to buy it. I also recommend a guitar with extra light strings. After that its a question of going on YouTube and just plunging in and seeing what works. Don't spend any real money if you aren't sure. If something is right it will feel right.
  • Have another person stand by with a sharp knife, then have them shave a piece of nose off every time you hit a wrong chord. That should allow you 2 mistakes before it gets really bad.
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      You sound like the guy who taught Michael Jackson. lol
  • Break you wrist in a way that it heals and your wrist can manage to hit all the chords right.
  • First, decide what kind of guitar you want to play, Folk, Rock or Blues. Then learn the basic chords, A, Am,A7, B, Bm,B7, C, C7, D, DM, D7, E, Em, E7, F, F7. G, G7. I suggest Mel Bay. If you chose folk then get yourself a songbook and decide on a strum and start playing. If Blues then get a Blues book to learn the patterns, and start playing. If Rock you need to find another player and learn from them.
  • buy a guitar music book and learn to teach ya self ..or have lessons ,but the book should help you and be cheaper

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