• Just take the kitty to the vet!!!!!!
  • Your best bet is to take her to that after hours vet. She is young, so diseases can affect her more quickly and severly than an adult cat. In addition, you don't know her history since you found her as a stray. Best of luck!
  • She is probably suffering from ring worm, when cats act in that way and have drainage as you described it, that is a sure sign of it, so be careful cause you can get it from the cat... we did and my little mini dachshund looked like she had a plague it was that bad.
  • I think going to the after hours vet is your best bet.
  • It sounds like the cat has an upper respiratory disease that is pretty common. Get her to the Vet ASAP for treatment! It is never a good sign when they start to lose their appetite. She needs to get on medication quickly. This also can be infectious to other cats in your house so you will want to have them treated also.

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