• Don't do anything. It's her problem, not yours. She'll probably grow out of it anyway.
  • As the previous member has said, she needs to take responsibilty: set an alarm etc.Is it possible she doesn't want to go to school/band practice? I would also check if she has any medical issues, physical (thyroid etc) or mental such as depression.
  • It's most probably because no one is showing her that it's her responsibility otherwise. Your mom or yourself probably just display annoyance whenever she blames you. Perhaps you have even PROVEN HER POINT by making sure to wake her in time the next morning. That's the wrong way of handling it. Does she do things that cut short her sleeping time? [like playing computers, staying out, etc] If that's the case, point out that she's sleeping in late because she goes to bed late. Clarify with her what causes her tardiness, and let HER do something about it, not you. If you 'baby' her and prevent her from taking care of her own responsibilities, then maybe she's right: SHE OUGHT TO BLAME YOU SINCE YOU'RE TAKING CHARGE OF HER LIFE. Get her an alarm clock. Don't set it for her, hand it to her and tell her it's the least you can do. If she still doesn't wake up in time despite the device, there's no one else to blame. If she has to be late for school, let her suffer the consequences. She has to learn these things while she's still young. Don't let her be the nightmare you could've prevented by the time she reaches adolescence.
  • get her an alarm clock
  • Make it her responsibility, she is projecting the responsibility onto you.. let her be late.. but dont let it be your fault! She has to take responsibility!
  • Dump water on her head in the morning. Tell her to go to bed earlier.
  • just wake her up even earlier

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