• Just be yourselves and treat him how you normally do. You don't want your daughter to get suspicious, before he pops the question! Maybe ahead of time, give him a phone call and tell him you support his decision to marry your daughter 100% and look forward to having him as a member of the family. Congrats to you and your daughter!
  • I don't have any direction on what to say. You can't plan something like this effectively -- anything prepared is going to interfere with just being yourself and living each moment as it presents itself. Just give yourself permission to be however you are -- nervous, excited, thrilled... it's all good. There's no right way to be.
  • Welcome him to the family. Get him involved in one or more of your family traditions. Talk about how you got married. There are lots of happy things to talk about. :) Have a family dinner! DO something.
  • My dad lightened the conversation with my then boyfriend by making little jokes like "you know we have a no return policy, once you take her she's yours and you can't bring her back". Let him know that you want him to take good care of your daughter and things that you want to see accomplished in your daughters life in this new stage, but make it fun and memorable!

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