• a pet, or being around ur love ones, like friends and family
  • is this a lover or a friend?
  • not to sound mean but try not to talk or keep him touch with him everywaking minute you can. Serious, hes going to be busy and its not going to do you any good to sit in the computer all day long waiting for him to go online on yahoo or on the phone. You should just email him every so often so you can have something to talk about.
  • Just stay on answerbag you'll never be lonely
  • Hi i know exactly how you feel to have or even be a loved one or close friend serving away in Iraq, im forces and away a lot of the time and have to coap with being lonely my self, i life alone and im on my own a lot of the time, im not in work, i actually make the time to come onto answerbag and chat with people, i hate being on my own too, keep yuour chin up and spirts high before yo know it you best friend will be back, tell them to keep safe and keep there HEADS down. Good Luck
  • I know you asked this question months ago, but Im in the same posistion my boyfriend is deployed. Loving someone who is in the military is very difficult. The best advice i could give you would be to occupy yourself with differnt activities and work. Also to write him letters, because of the limited amount of time to talk on the phone, letters are nice and help people become closer in a lot of ways. Just stay strong and you'll see him before you know it!
  • Stay in contact with him. Send him homemade cards or something meaningful every once in awhile. Try to make a betetr connection with the friends you already have, take up new hobbies and things that might get you into new social groups. Try to live your life with a little bit more social activity but take the time to rememver gun, which I think you sound like you care about him loads.

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