• Your daughter's friends don't sound very nice.
  • I doubt they sAid that to you.
  • The subject of your daughter's sexual preference is not exactly the kind of thing that you ask. It is more of a discussion type (essay question) which you bring up in the course of a conversation. You can't just say did you do well on your history exam and Oh, by the way, are you a lebian? You need to be aware of her interests and friends, and be open to talking about how people relate to each other, whether friends, family, or lovers.
  • You make it sound like she was elected to a post or something--my daughter is the new class president. Whatever her sexual preference, she'll figure out in her own way how and when to tell you anything about it.
  • You don't. You wait & see & if she brings a girl over for dinner, WELCOME HER with open arms. CASE CLOSED
  • You say, are you gay? Why are you so afraid to talk to your daughter??
  • say to her , I hear you're the new lesbian in school ( very jokingly) what up with that????ha ha Then see what she says!!! You could also rent a few lesbian movies or show a real interest in gays in general.It will come out.Women are much better communicators about these things than men!!!
  • Just up front and ask her, no use beating around the bush. You should be able to tell wether or not she's lying by her body lauange.
  • Open your mouth and let the words flow. No other way to approach this situation.
  • Um I wouldn't take jasper's idea at all (sorry jasper). but I think making a joke out of something as personal, private, and probably scary (for the daughter if she is a lesbian) into a joke is really going to go over well. If she is gay and has yet to come out to her own mother, she probably doesn't feel comfortable about joking with her mom about it. She is probably scared that her mother/family might not be accepting of her. If I were a mother I would tell my children that I just want them to be happy. And that I won't judge them if that happiness comes by dating, man, woman, or both. Their happiness and safety is what's important to me and I'd hope that they know they can talk to me about anything. -- I'd say something like that to give them an opportunity to know that its ok for them to come out to me.
  • According to my son... and thanks to influences like Katy Perry... It's all the rage now days in school. All the girls are overly primiscuous and Bi-curious and all the guys are too.. In my generation it was Rocky Horror, now its everything and everywhere. Media driven really. It might just be a phase and it might be a life choice. The best way to find out is not to ask her friends, but to ask your daughter! Be kind, accepting and gentle and most importantly... teach her that you can still get an STD from a girl so use protection!
  • What is the reason that you cannot ask her point blank?
  • You know, I find it SUCH a coincidence that most of the questions that are on Answerbag that are farfetched or sound a bit off, the askers are ALWAYS under the level of 5 or something. You can feel its legit by knowing the user has put time and effort into this website and they would less likely ruin their "reputation" with it. It is almost TOO much of a coincidence if you ask me.
  • Is it really important that you find that out? I'm sure if you have a good relationship with her, she'll confide in you when she wants to.

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