• I am fairly new here but I am glad you are doing much better now! :) I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.
  • Welcome back! It's been a long time I was so desperate, but I had this feeling sometimes. Just go on, it disappear. If it comes often, it could be better to get some extern help. I hope you will feel better now.
  • I have been there, several times. Hang in there, and get outside assistance when necessary. Glad you're back!
  • I've wanted to quit AB so often, I'd say it's almost up with how often one might change their clothing. I'f probably "fought" with almost everyone on AB at least once, and every time I'd thought "this is NOT worth it!", but I always keep coming back. Because there really are some people that it would break my heart not to speak to again. You know who you are. Also in life I've had the thought of selling everything I own and moving somewhere and just starting all over from scratch. Never did, and I'm glad. Glad to see you here. Merry Christmas.
  • I'm glad you are back and better. Only once in my life did I feel like giving up on everything. I'm lucky that I found that I had much to be grateful for and I could improve my life.
  • I think we all go down that path at some point in life. The main thing is to keep faith & find the correct path that stands you back up on your feet. And always listen to that little voice down deep in your HEART, that tells you to never give up......M.C.S.
  • Unfortunately for me, being on AB is giving up on everything. I have unfinished projects all over the house, and I never will get to them because I spend all my time here. I barely keep up with fixing meals, and keeping the house relatively clean from being on the computer most of every waking hour. I haven't had a fully clean house for two years, since I was given a computer for my birthday. It also happened that my son, his partner, their baby, and two other grandsons moved in with me, all at the same time, so that made things worse. Now all but one grandson have moved out, so I should be able to get back to normal soon.
  • I'm glad you hung around! And see, despite what your profile said .. some people do care! Now don't go pointing me back or you won't catch up!
  • I'm so happy you feel better :]
  • Yes I'm sure there isn't too many people can say they didn't,It's just a hump in life that it's hard to get that foot over...I been there a few times it was always in the winter for me,so I call it the winter blues, I think now it's just a phase in life we all go through...I was on here maybe last year and I kind of got busy doing outdoor things and I had forgot all about this site so I'm kind of new to it again but I'd like to welcome you back and I hope we all can stay and be friends and neighbours...
  • The only person you need to explain things to is yourself. Why do you feel that way? Welcome to the human race. We are all resilient and anytime you start blaming the outside world, take it as a sign that you need to chill for awhile. You don't have to make a big deal and announce it to a site that is not really that concerned.

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