• Its a crap shoot! This type of breeding is known as Line enjoyed a spat of popularity many years ago, and on occasion it is still used by people who either have no clue at all about genetics and how they people who are ear deep in genetics studies and who believe that they have a possible great idea for a line bred cross. The simple, short story is that when you line breed you are doubling up on all of the positive traits that your bloodlines have...from the male and the female because of the close relationship in blood that they carry. And to a point you least in theory. Unfortunately, (and as breeders learned) you are also doubling up on any and all NEGATIVE traits that you would NOT want to pass on to the goes both ways and you really cannot predict with much accuracy which way the genes are going to go. I would strongly suggest that you speak to your Vet about this and consider either aborting or if it's not too late for it..there is a "morning after" pill for dogs...Your vet who can see both your Dog and Bitch is in the best position to help you make an informed decision. If bigger Poms run in this line...and your bitch is small...then you have two doses of "big" here that could result in bigger puppies than would be healthy for the bitch. Her age and current condition also should be considered...if this is only her second heat, and she was already bred once....I wouldn't even consider breeding her again so soon. Likewise...if these dogs are not being shown...have earned no points or titles...why breed at all? You have no proof that they are predisposed to helping IMPROVE the breed and frankly there are THOUSANDS of dogs/puppies, both Mutts and Purebreds who are killed in the USA EVERY SINGLE NIGHT of the week because no one has adopted them...great dogs...dead, because too many people continue to breed with little or no consideration other than "because I can and I want to." Please don't ADD to the problem...become part of the SOLUTION...consider neutering and spaying as a healthy gift to both are obviously not correctly set up to keep them's not easy when they are so motivated!
  • whilst i agree with the majority of redhawks answers i also have to say line breeding can be very valubale if done correctly and you know what you are doing. But getting back to the question will the puppies be ok? YES they will be fine as far as a father daughter mating goes that on it's own will not cause any problems. As for faults and illness those will also be passed to the puppies if there are any so if you know the history behind your dogs you will know what problems they are likely to have. Elegant Kennels - if you read my message again i have not refered to this as line breeding, i have just agreed that line breeding can be very benificial as can IN breeding if you know your pedigrees.
  • Yes your puppies will be fine, assuming that this is the first generation that inbreeding has happened (meaning that none of the dogs in the pedigree came from an inbreeding). And assuming that neither of your dogs have any health or physical or MENTAL issues (this type of breeding is used in a lot of Pit Bull breedings and for many generations and that is where unstable temperments pop up). If one of these dogs have a problem that means it is in your bloodline and now these genes are being magnified so any problems will be worse. Also wanted to clarify: Redhawk and Pomzo called this a LINE breeding, it is actually an IN breeding. Line breeding is where you breed back to a dog already in the pedigree, but a couple of generations out, or with a similar pedigree (grand parent to one is great great grand to the other, etc). In breeding is where you take dogs directly related to each other (mother to son, father to daughter, brother to sister, etc.)
  • i would hope so, talk to your vet about it

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