• Sounds to me like SHE is the one with the problem! I wouldn't even worry about it!
  • What a nasty piece of work that girl is,take a wide berth,she doesnt deserve your attention!! You did nothink wrong shes being ignorant
  • Nothing! What a psycho. That's the problem with the world today... no one can take a compliment.
  • What did you do wrong? Nothing -- except after her remarks, I would have told her it's a shame that all her beauty is on the OUTside.
  • Nothing. This girl has issues. Move on.
  • I'll echo what everyone else has said here. She's got major issues. You just wanted to tell her something that you genuinely thought was true and she went out of her way to invalidate your feelings. What a(n) (insert favorite curse word here).
  • If she is really that great, maybe then she can find that out on her own. Maybe she can find herself a personality too. She sounds stuck up to me Bro.
  • You didn't do anything wrong. You were open and honest with your feelings. She was unable to accept your compliment - perhaps because she knows you're wrong about her.
  • As a girl myself I love being told I'm amazing. I don't know what crawled up this girl's butt and died but I would suggest finding someone who also apprieciates your amazingness.
  • you aren't the one in the wrong here. she is. sounds like "girlfriend" can't take a compliment....ditch her and find someone who appreciates a good guy with great compliments...
  • you did nothing wrong. Just ignore her,shes being a bitch and you don't need that.
  • You are not an idiot... YOU didn't do anything wrong. Sounds like she's either a stuck-up b-tch, or someone with MAJOR self-esteem and self-confidence problems. Maybe she just can't take a compliment. BUT, with her comment about not needing YOU to tell her, I'd say the former. Move on. There are plenty of girls who would KILL for someone to compliment them like that.
  • your girlfriend is a bitch!
  • If you want to give me a compliment, I'd be happy to accept it...:)
  • what exactly did you say?
  • nothing. She's insecure...
  • One word: INSECURE. If a girl can't take a compliment then she obviously has problems and doesn't like herself. You don't want a girl like that. Truth is, if she doesn't love herself now, she never will.
  • I do not believe that she is trying to make YOU feel bad by not accepting your compliment, I believe that she is in a lot of pain and her pain is very raw and you're getting a little too close for her comfort. Maybe you said something that was never said to her before and she doesn't quite know how to handle it...maybe she doesn't understand what made you say that...if you meant it or if you were just saying it to get something out of her. Whatever her reason, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with her past experience.
  • Everybody else is dumping on the girl here, and maybe they're right, but that may not be helpful to you, especially if it happens again with other girls. Let's consider other possibilities: In the first place, she may have heard the same thing five times today already. In the second place, you may not know how to give compliments suavely yet. Or you may have done it too soon, before you earned the right to make any kind of personal remarks. She may just not like you at all, and not necessarily because there is anything wrong with you; the girls I dated only a few times and terminated all found nice husbands. Fourth: You may have done it in a way that didn't show enough self-respect: "Let me be your doormat! Walk on me!" Fifth, she may be way WAY out of your class, though it sounds like she's way out of hers in the diplomacy department. I mean, if she's on the homecoming court and you're the class geek, it'll have to wait until you're running your own technology company till she can dump the quarterback and appreciate you. Hope this helps, better luck next time, and do NOT keep pursuing her. If you show self-respect by not being devastated and not pursuing her, she may give you a second look later.
  • no offence but she a idiot. as a lady I like to hear I amamazing.
  • She has issues....she isn't that great after is she....
  • u didnt do anything wrong if u told me that i would have probably started blushing,that one chick is just messed up in her head, i wouldnt feel bad because u really didnt do anything wrong
  • That girls obviously has some self-esteem issues. You did nothing wrong, in fact you did a good thing. Normal girls love getting compliments. Move on and find someone who truly deserves you.
  • Sorry to say this, but your gf is a B&*%. You didn't do anything wrong, it's her who have an issue. How can she finds out how she is if she doesn't receive a feedback from people around her. She is straight up ridiculous. Don't feel bad about yourself, you were being a nice bf to compliment her. If I was her, I would give you a big hug. I'm a very affectionate person, I like compliments from my love ones. It shows me that they see the good in me and that's why they're with me, and that they appreciate me.
  • nothing. the girl is obviously a bitch.

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