• If she's getting married soon, and you have to find another girl you like and find attractive. Maybe if you still have time, you could tell her you like her before it's too late. I could be wrong.
  • Tell her before it's too late! If you don't you will always wonder if you should have.
  • if she's happy with who she is with, if you really love her, you'll do whats makes her happy and not what makes you happy
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  • In order for people to answer here maybe you should provide some background on the relationship you have/had with her before. Personally, I noted you said "I think" therefore you are not sure. Let her carry on with her life then, as she does have a clear idea on that.
  • This would make for some really good reality tv (writers strike!) Go to the wedding and when the minister asks.........the forever hold your peace thing. Then this is your que to poor it out. Good luck.
  • there are so many variables though I might suggest you let her get married in peace. You also said you only THINK you love her so no point in messing with her head before her big day! I know I wouldn’t want any one of my friends to tell me that before I was to get married.
  • You can tell her. Don't be expecting her to just run into your arms but if you don't tell her, she'll never know how you felt.
  • Accept that she is getting married.

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