• The problem is most likely with your brake rotors. They have probably been "re-warped" since the resurfacing. Even though there are minimum thicknes requirements that should be checked before and after resurfacing, the thinner the rotor gets, the more easily they will warp. Chances are, your driving style, or a hung-up caliper, is causing one or both rotors to continue warping. I would pull the rotors and check them for true. Very few other things could cause this problem since it occurs only when you step on the brakes, so I personally would just start over with new, good quality rotors. I would also check the brake calipers, hoses, and hardware for any potential issues. ie. If the pads on one side are worn noticably more then the other, you probably have a sticking caliper (causing additional rotor-warping friction and heat) and it should also be replaced.
  • while you are driving(without any other cars around).pull up on your emergency brake for a second.If you feel the vibration it is your rear drums warped or rear rotors,whichever one you have.If you feel nothing then it is definitly the front rotors.They may have ben machined below specs.

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