• i think so.. she looks like a boy. but shes got a beautiful face.. weird teeth though. im a girl.
  • im a girl and kiera knightley sure looks like she needs to gain some much needed weight, no one, no matter how their bottom is normally, should look that emaciated. for someone who has the luxuries and can affort lavish food, she looks like she's starving herself, im worried about her
  • yeah she is Gross thin. its funny people come up to me all the time and say i look like her...its not the weight because I am not thin like that AT ALL...but i think she would look much better if she were at a normal weight for her age...I am a girl.
  • Yes she is thin, but whats wrong with that? some people are born naturally thin...and shes happy with her figure so we cant argue with that. Shes a great and beautiful actress!!
  • She is rather thin, and I do think she'd look better plumped up a bit. Kate Bosworth, too.
  • She has just about the perfect body. I.E. height to weight ratio. -male
  • She doesn't do a thing for me. <---- And obviously, I'm a guy...
  • I a guy that thinks she's thin, but I'm not going to say she's too thin.
  • I don't think she's too thin. I understand she gets upset at people who say she is. There are many women whose natural build is slim. I'm a male.
  • I'm a guy and Yes she is too thin.
  • Women are vicious toward each other when it comes to things like this. A woman will attack the way another woman looks simply because she secretly wishes she looked like the woman she's attacking. It's really disheartening. It must be horrible to be a celebrity and have everyone scrutinzing the way you look all the time. I doubt the normal everyday person could handle such things. Is Keira a bit thin? Perhaps, but she's quite obviously fit. Look at her abs. When one loses weight in an unhealthy fashion, one does not automatically get a six-pack. She's a beautiful young woman who possesses a figure most women would love to have.
  • 1) "She has denied rumors she is anorexic, although after her appearance at the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest premiere led to media speculation that her extremely slender figure was due to an eating disorder, she noted that her family has a history of anorexia. Keira then sued the Daily Mail after they claimed she lied about having anorexia; the article said that a teenage girl died from anorexia, indicating that Knightley's physical appearance may have influenced her in some way. She was awarded a settlement for it. In July 2006, Knightley said she has become a workaholic, detailing that "the last five years have blended into one. I can't tell you what was last year and what was the year before" and specifying that she is "working too much" and is "quite frightened that if I continue at this rate I will start to hate what I love." As a result, Knightley may take a one year break from acting to travel and focus on her personal life." Source and further information: 2) "Keira Knightley has it almost all: she's gorgeous, fantastic smile, sexy eyes and smile, looks irresistibly sweet, has lots of talent and of course lots of money. But she still needs to work on one major thing - her weight." Source and further information: 3) I had not been taking so much attention to her body, I was more interested in her face. She looks a little thin, but there are many girls who are that thin with this age. I am male.
  • I have thought for a long time that Keira Knightley is extremely thin. I was very thin as a young woman, and my two teen daughters are naturally thin, so I understand what it is to be quite tall and thin. That said, I think, and it is only my opinion, that Ms. Knightley seems unnaturally skinny. Her breasts seem underdeveloped in all her films, and her body fat looks like it's so low that if she ever became seriously ill, she'd have a heck of a time surviving simply because she'd have no fat reserves to fall back on. I think she should put on 10 to 20 lbs.
  • Yes. I am a woman.
  • Too thin is obviously a very subjective term. To my personal taste she is too thin for me to find her attractive but I believe that is her natural (very skinny) shape. I am a man.

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