• No All I like doing is drinking beer cooking BBQ's and smoking Hooter As I want to open a steak house we'll be giving good eaters tables quickly always look after good customers we dont like skinny little vagans that want a glass of water they'll have to be you're guest to get a seat. How do like your steak.
  • Its not an either/or situation. I don't hate anyone. I like to eat, but I also like to be healthy so I try to keep in mind that all things should be enjoyed in MODERATION.
  • I'm not hateful towards obese people. I respect them. Why hate someone just because of their weight? That does not make sense. What did they do to you to be treated with hate? Obesity is not a reason to hate someone.
  • I eat with moderation and No, I don't hate obese people. I'll get a good laugh though when I see an obese person bending over in public, trying to pick something up, while showing his/her butt crack. It is just good entertainment, but nothing personal, were I would feel hate towards an obese person.

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