• Question description just in case you can't see it: Do you have lofty goals for your future or do you simply want a happy family? Do/Did your parents have high hopes and grand goals for you? Do you feel like you disappointed them? Or were your parents more laid back? Were your older siblings so bad they made you look good? Or were you always compared to your siblings as role models of how you should be? Or did you have the perfect parents who recognized and pointed out each of your individual talents and encouraged you to develop your strengths? Do you do that for yourself, now that its your job as an adult? I feel I'm lacking in the development and full use of my talents. I have not set expectations for myself as I did for my son when I was raising him. My parents didn't have high expectations for me either.
  • My mother did very little mothering, and I just wanted my children to live for God.
    • Cry me a River
      She had no high hopes at least for me, I was 6th of 8th.. When I got divorced after 20 years she finally saw some potential in me when I began writing poetry..
    • Linda Joy
      I was 7 of 8 that lived. Have you been published? Do you encourage yourself now?
  • I'm so proud of my better half and the work he does. He is such an amazing person. To me that is great and pleases me.
    • Linda Joy
      What does he do?
  • i try to be easy to please
  • David Lean version of "Great Expectations" in my DVR list. Love it!!! I view myself as easy to please. I try to be as flexible as possible as long as it compatible with my personal ethics.

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